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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What IF The Jerusalem UFO Event Happened Over The Super Bowl?

As AnomalyMan fans may be aware - a very distinctive UFO event happened on Jan. 29th in Jerusalem as a nighttime glowing ORB - high in the sky - suddenly and dramatically - dropped to near the ground - hovered while moving slowly - then, `flashed', and VERY dramatically went back into the sky - changing YET again - into pinpoints of light - before a final `pop' of light.

As of yet, the story is NOT even on the MSM in any fashion; with the worldwide focus on the events in Egypt and the USA's concern (probably Australia's too) of `historic' weather superstorms. Indeed, probably less than 100,000 folks, at most, have some awareness that it is probable that the UFO saga has been fundamentally changed with 4, yes FOUR, videotaped angles on the Jerusalem Orb; with more popping up daily so far.

Indeed, it is also probable that no more than 100K folks, at most, are drawing any connection between the Oct. 13th NYC UFO `event' and this one - especially since the `next' predicted BIG event was to be over Moscow. But, what IF the `aliens' saw that a bit differently. What IF they wanted a display that wasn't in a state controlled media area?

What IF they wanted to make a bigger impression with a LOW close-up event, rather than another `it must be balloons' or `it's Jupiter' - type of scuttlebutt. What IF the `exact date' was delayed 2 weeks BUT, was still in the same predicted MONTH?

IF all of the above mind-weave was true -- and with this second `event' NOT getting ANY coverage (for whatever reason) -- would it indeed be possible that the `aliens' would use the Super Bowl - TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT IGNORED? And, doing it LIVE for real emphasis?

So, with that as the fun - mind - backdrop - let's play the future video loop right here and right now.

It's the start of the third quarter, when high in the sky, barely visible within the stadium, from all the stadium lights - a NEW `star' is suddenly visible. Within a minute, murmurs of the crowd begin with numerous people in the crowd, beginning to point skyward. But, with all that's going on in the game - no cameramen notice immediately the crowd movements; nor, do the announcers.

THEN, the unthinkable happens. While Americans have been `fear prepped' for nearly a decade about `attacks' at major sporting events - suddenly - a glowing ball unlike any ever seen before on live TV - drops out of the sky quickly and into the very stadium itself. ------ Like it did in Jerusalem on Jan. 29th and three hours later in Salt Lake City.

Indeed, the `GASPS' you can hear on this video - would be MAGNIFIED by 10's of 1,000's. The TV cameras would immediately show the action as it was noticed by the team players, etc. Some folks would be fearing the worst - some BOMB is about to go off they might think. Others would stare in wonder or fear - some, would undoubtedly move towards the exits;some, might even have time to panic. Nevertheless, things would indeed come to a halt - a few would be reminded of the World Series game halted by the Earthquake.

But, 20 seconds after the ball appeared in the stadium, (longer if we are to believe this is an escalation) - it just as suddenly - took off into the sky - becoming pinpricks of light - before a flashing out for good. Exactly following the Jerusalem event (which would then become famous of course) motif.

So, what IF? What would THEN happen? Could the game continue? Would fans be worried of an ATTACK?

(I am interested in your scenarios if the Jerusalem event happened over the Super Bowl too - please give your visions.)

IMO, the speechless announcers would say something similar to `what in the world just happened'? ..... Or, was that `an enemy or an alien'? ----- And, are we under attack? And, the uncertainty, and slight stadium panic, would indeed end the game.

Within minutes, the 24 hour news networks, would be `on' with coverage. We all would see the footage replayed over and over for hours while the talking heads began to crank up their mouths. Immediate speculation would be all over the place - from Aliens, to Enemies, to eventually, Project Blue Beam - a few would claim it could have even been a masterful magic trick. The ideas OTHER than `Aliens' would be given even more air time than the `obvious' Alien answer.

It would be announced that security was being placed on a heighten alert nationwide. Around 11PM, President Obama would indeed address the nation and world. He would urge calmness and for everyone to continue with their lives. He would indicate the country and world is in no immediate danger and that the `best minds in the country' were trying to come up with a plausible explanation - of which he would point out the TV networks had been doing for hours. He would ask for the speculation to diminish and that NO answers as to what the phenomena was - are currently known.

His address, IMO, would be short and brief - under 5 minutes and he would take no questions as this would be from the White House. While the 24 hour news networks and even most local stations would stay with the `story' - not all would. Most Americans would go to bed and go on with their lives in the morning.

The morning newspapers would be DRAMATIC. Few punches would be pulled that the event was most likely `Aliens' and by now the Jerusalem UFO event of Jan. 29th would be EVERYWHERE ALSO. Billions would now know the `previous' event. THAT in itself, would be a re-enforcing statement about the likelihood the event was `Aliens'. By late in the day of Feb. 7th - billions would suspect - we are NOT alone. And, not only that - THEY ARE HERE.

My assumption however is that the `Aliens' know not to take `Disclosure' too fast. And, NO subsequent events would happen in any immediate time frame. But, the Jerusalem event (which I'm sure only a few in the government know about) when taken with the SB event - will have moved many if not most Americans off the fence in thinking Alien involvement.

However, as the days went by, I'd expect that the `other explanations' would get a full airing - with their chances being overblown by the MSM. (mainstream media). Project `Blue Beam' especially. It will somehow be seen as `plausable'.

`Security' will be a bigger buzzword. There will NOT be an admission at this point of Aliens; but the powers that be in the governments would KNOW that one more event would be the clincher too. We would all uneasily go on with our lives in the meantime.

And, that, my friends - would be with a 20 SECOND DISPLAY OF DISCLOSURE. Like Jerusalem.
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  1. I would not be surprised if the following day after the UFO show at the Super Bowl some "specialists" come on tv to explain the event as some sort of natural phenomenon, lightining, will-o'-the-wisp or any other "plausible" explanation.


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