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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Listening For TREES Call For Help

Here's an interesting study done about the sounds that a tree makes - including a focus on when they are in drought. Read the whole explanation Right Here. Worthwhile science link for TAL readers.
Recently I've been featuring BEAUTIFUL photos from the website (a weather webpage) which has over 1 million photos. Like this stunning one with an anomalous edge: (even larger and better at the link)
Experts are not sure how and why Ancient Puebloan People used this site. It is tucked high in a huge alcove overlooking a valley in Canyonlands NP.
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ants Make Career Moves

Yes, someone tagged over 200 ants that were video taped and located twice a second for 41 days - and what they found out about Ant Colonies by tagging every ant is some that readers of The AnomalyMan Listing will want to Make A Priority.

Great article on when babies become conscious - around 5 months and possibly as early as 2 months at some level ( they seem to have a slow consciousness before a year old). 240 babies started but only 80 Babies weren't too squirmy for the above headgear. It's a great read.
Have researchers finally found that ever elusive Dark Matter Particle? A betting man would say yes.
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Trippy Picture
Screen Saver?
TAL readers like a good discussion... with a science edge.... and little fits that bill like a good discussion about the Mystery Man of UFOlogy - Robert Bigelow - in this Reddit.Com link it digs into his comments about people being killed and injured by alien phenomena.
The Hard Politics Of Being Human: (easier to read at this link)
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Politics Of Chemtrails

Perhaps NOTHING is more nebulous in our society than `Chemtrails' - so much so - that even mentioning them to some brings out irritation. Many to most of ALL folks - DON'T EVEN SEE THEM. Somehow.

I have a feeling that fans of TAL will learn too from this video - such as `why' you are now seeing `snowflakes' at impossibly high temperatures than in the past. Etc.
link -
Hattip - Curt C. in NYC.
The Lights In The Sky (LITS) Phenomena - The Big Study Blog asks-speaks about and readers respond. TBS is always a good read.
IF you are looking for some Amazing UFO Stories - you may want to check out my newish BLOG.
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Studies Suggest the Speed of Light is Variable

186,000 MPS? Forgettaboutit...... turns out that the contents of the quantum vacuum are what decides the ultimate speed of light---- oh, for you time freaks...  how about this line from the article:
In all, the fluctuations in time are estimated to be somewhere around the realm of 50 attoseconds per square meter (scientists estimate that it takes 320 attoseconds for electrons to transfer between atoms)
Gotta love the global warming `debate' don't you think? I say that because to me, at least an outside chance exists that the `warming' is for the inner solar system of planets if we are to believe the data about Mars and such over the last decades...... Anyway, here's a compelling look at simply the degree of change that the temperatures are exhibiting - over the last 11,000 Years -- get ready for some cool graphs and graphics.
Below is an image from a security cam set up to detect movement in a field to see predators for farm animals - it takes a photo every one second and the person who submitted this MUFON report gave both the screen shots from the second before this shot and after: (might it have caught the proverbial `rod' sky creature?) - in addition to a daytime shot.
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