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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Earliest Music Instruments Found

Once again the Flute reigns supreme among the earliest of Rockers - indeed these flutes are from 42,000 Years Ago. Find out what at least one was made of:
Mammoth ivory flute
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Meanwhile........ Have you ever heard of Leslie Flint? He was a medium decades ago who was very interested in what the afterlife was like. Many famous people came thru him to tell about the afterlife. You'll love this link - Leslie Flint.
this is a book about Leslie Flint - click for more info

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Heaven Can Help was an easy read. I was fascinated by the content and the author's close attention to detail in his descriptions of some remarkable events. The writing has a distinctly English flavor that I found most enjoyable.
The accounts of physical mediumship were really interesting, notably the author's sittings with Leslie Flint and the Scole Experimental group as well as several other talented mediums. Heaven Can Help is most inspiring and will impress believers and skeptics alike. There is no way the evidence described can simply be dismissed as hallucination. The trials and tribulations the author endured on his journey into mediumship have been expressed with total honesty and in great detail. Reading this extraordinary book has convinced me that there is an afterlife that is limitless. Death is not final and we continue to exist for an eternity in a better place.
Losing a loved one is always difficult, but Heaven Can Help brings comfort to those of us who grieve and offers remarkable evidence of a better life to come.
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Is This A MONOLITH On The Mars Surface?

As TAL readers are sure to know, the government provides real detailed pictures of the Mars surface that any Internet surfer can literally dig into. And, a few people have endless patience to do exactly that - and make `finds'. Now, nearly all the finds have MULTIPLE possible explanations (such as a Dust Devil, evidently) - not just the attention grabbing ones like this video. Nonetheless, take less than TWO minutes to feel a sense of wonder:

link - - Has about 5,000 views in ONE day (posted yesterday) and a 12/1 positive/negative ratio of votes from the public.
Lots of good comments to read at the above link if you so desire.
Meanwhile....... Brain oscillations reveal that our senses do not experience the world continuously - A tease:
Prof Thut said: “Rhythmicity therefore is indeed omnipresent not only in brain activity but also . For perception, this means that despite experiencing the world as a continuum, we do not sample our world continuously but in discrete snapshots determined by the cycles of brain rhythms.” 
So, the WORLD and us turn ON and turn OFF - Brain Oscillations.
TAL is your connection to edgy science stuff.
How about taking a number of folks and putting them in front of a HIGH WIND machine?

There are another dozen or so here - Wind Tunnel Portraits.
Many of you know that TAL is just one of my blogs. One of them is called UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock, which I have listed on some Blog Catalogs and such. Getting folks to write reviews of anything is tough, but, I'd love for you to VOTE for my blog (after checking it out) at this link -
The best of UDCC for 2012 is a page on Squidoo where I have gathered the best videos and pictures of UFOs in 2012 - check it out. 2012 UFO Videos.
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Your OWN Windtunnel

Friday, May 11, 2012

Keeping Secrets - Changes Perceptions

Always interesting to see what Journal Of Experimental Psychology is up to in their reporting of ...... well...... experiments. Find out how they can make the statement that a persons judgement is affected by how BIG/Important the `secret' they are keeping is. Interesting Stuff.
And, here's your chance to read that story you only heard about - the one a couple weeks ago where The Lost Parakeet Told His Address To Police. Details at the link.
One of the uplifting things about doing the TAL blog is the fun of the cutting edge of science news. Did you know that they have now Replicated A Leaf? -- Here's a tease:
The new self-contained units are inexpensive and attractive for making fuel for electricity in remote places and the developing world.
Ready for a bit of Time Travel? 1922 contest winner. (with comments)
If you want to see more oldtime pictures like the one above (old-time firemen with handlebar mustaches and such) then go The Past Lives Again
Finally, want to read a real good 99 cent Kindle E-book, just released, about the 2006 Chicago O'Hare UFO Incident? Find out more with one click.
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