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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooky House Photo

Halloween Greetings From TAL
And, let's not leave it there as in yesteryear 1939 even the paths to homes were kind of Spooky:
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A tease:
In this respect, a message from one particle can travel from the present to the future of the other particle, without existing in the time in between the two points, providing a shortcut into the future. “You can send your quantum state into the future without traversing the middle time,” said Olson, lead author of the new study.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

ONE Word Hypnosis - Eyes reveal true hypnotic state for the first time

IF one is astute, or paranoid, one can tell that while the MSM will publish articles such as today's title article - they really don't want to get too far into it; and, perhaps for good reason. Since it is ACTUALLY POSSIBLE to hypnotise someone with ONE word (links embedded within article) - society hardly needs craploads of folks walking around doing such things. Indeed, IMO, the possible nefariousness of hypnotism is staggering. Read all about it Here - includes video too.
Learn How To Hypnotize! (Nefarious link)
Meanwhile.... did you see this picture? Cyclops Shark & Other Cryptic Creatures Make October Creepy - View The One Eyed Shark Fetus Here - happy Halloween.
 HUGE 70 inch Plush Toy
What is this creature called the human? Freedive Spearfishing 60 Feet Deep:

hattip -
Indeed, if you liked the above - here is a recent research finding and links to the actual paper - of Neanderthals shellfishing 150,000 years ago . GREAT Blog too.
Finally, thanks for visiting TAL - this is my more `science interest' blog - if you are enjoying what you've read the archive has lots more to check out via the sidebar.
Digging Deeper

Saturday, October 22, 2011

IS A `PICTURE' of Dolphin Words And Language About To Emerge?

A buddy of mine sent this link via E-Mail - I thought it especially appropriate for TAL's science bent readers:

PRESS RELEASE: Deciphering Dolphin Language with Picture Words

In an important breakthrough in deciphering dolphin language, researchers in Great Britain and the United States have imaged the first high definition imprints that dolphin sounds make in water.
The key to this technique is the CymaScope, a new instrument that reveals detailed structures within sounds, allowing their architecture to be studied pictorially. Using high definition audio recordings of dolphins, the research team, headed by English acoustics engineer, John Stuart Reid and Florida-based dolphin researcher, Jack Kassewitz, has been able to image, for the first time, the imprint that a dolphin sound makes in water. The resulting "CymaGlyphs," as they have been named, are reproducible patterns that are expected to form the basis of a lexicon of dolphin language, each pattern representing a dolphin “picture word.”
Certain sounds made by dolphins have long been suspected to represent language but the complexity of the sounds has made their analysis difficult. Previous techniques, using the spectrograph, display cetacean (dolphins, whales and porpoises) sounds only as graphs of frequency and amplitude. The CymaScope captures actual sound vibrations imprinted in the dolphin’s natural environment—water, revealing the intricate visual details of dolphin sounds for the first time.
Within the field of cetacean research, theory states that dolphins have evolved the ability to translate dimensional information from their echolocation sonic beam. The CymaScope has the ability to visualize dimensional structure within sound. CymaGlyph patterns may resemble what the creatures perceive from their own returning sound beams and from the sound beams of other dolphins.
Reid said that the technique has similarities to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Read the rest of this great story Right Here.
WOW. Dozens of explanations have been offered for the Neutrinos faster than light OPERA experiment results GREAT read.
Ready for real time travel? To an Era when the downtown bank had a good reputation? Like in 1904!
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Outer Space Exposure

An interesting read from Damn Interesting, the website. This post is about a favorite sci-fi thing - Man Exposed To The Vacuum Of Space. -- How long do you think a man could live? Did you know that it has happened at least on three occasions? Read About Recoveries and Deaths When Man Is Exposed.
Here's another great read with a science slant - Mankind's First Temple, 11,600 Years Ago. Find out the full story.

 - Heavy Duty Read Here
Finally for today - some time travel - The Deli, 1957 - where Hot Turkey Sandwiches were Under a Buck.
And lastly - wanna read a nearly scary UFO report - one that is becoming more and more common - One With ORBs that respond to Humans?

 - Orb Creatures.