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Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Warning From 2078

Once again we look deeper into the fantasy/real subreddit called "No Sleep" - where everything is true.... The World Is About To End From A 2017 Event - This Is The Warning - it's a fun read in a excerpt:
Where to begin?
Yes, I really am writing this in the year 2078. While time travel is a reality here, it is not in the form that your early 21st century science fiction movies would have you believe. There are no humans getting into machines and travelling back in time. No. It’s only information that we can send back. This isn’t too outlandish even for all of you out there in 2017. If you look this information up on the internet, you’ll see that scientists are already working on sending basic binary information through time.
By 2078 this technology had already existed for almost 10 years but is known only by a few and is heavily controlled. It was in the initial experimental stages when everything went to hell and I am among the few who can access it. How does it work? Well… there’s no point even trying to get into all that. Explaining it here would be like one of you trying to type out how a smart phone works to someone living in the year 1800.
While experimentation has certainly occurred with the technology, no attempt has ever been made to try and actually alter the past. No one has any possible idea of what problems that could create. But given the world I’m living in right now, I’ve eventually come to the decision that things couldn’t possibly get any worse.
2071 is when things first begin to go poorly. But in order to help you all understand, I suppose I should first give a basic outline of what that world looked like at the time. People often have a romanticized version of the future. I’ll point out....
As you know, TAL promises a mix of entertainment... like this YT video of catching a 13 year old "cheating" on his girlfriend...can't take your eyes away.

And how about some absolutely current politics to top off your entertainment? - Like how scummy the police departments in America can be....Details On That Minnesota Shooting In 2016 That Was Live On Facebook.
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Monday, November 21, 2016

Lucid Dream False Awakening

Hey TAL readers - I found this on Reddit some time back - you'll still enjoy it I'm sure... about a guy who `woke up' five or six times before...well.,,,,,Lucid Dream Terror.

Food For Thought

Thought For Food

The Unchanging Human Nature
Strange 'UFO' Lights Over Lake Michigan
About 8/1 Positive To Negative Reaction On This Sept. 2016 Video

Interesting comments at YouTube. Could this be a strange mixture of sky lanterns and planes?.... Or not.
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