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Friday, January 30, 2015

More Heavy Art

From the Subreddit `heavy minds' - of course.

The Title Was Something Like Messing With Andromeda

The AnomalyMan Listing 2015 - Interesting
 one of the comments on this video claims at 8:41 that a time traveler is evident... the comments also claim that this is a bit staged to make SF look busier than it was... I don't know about that.

TAL 2015 - You Will Be Entertained
they are mentioned in the same breath but here goes
The AnomalyMan Listing
Ready for a Laugh?
UFO experts have sensationally claimed that this photo, which they say shows a human engineer working on the Mars Curiosity Rover, could be proof of life on the Red Planet.
Does this photo prove that there's life on Mars after all?
I love the shadows for the goggles.
Who would be these UFO experts?
Here's a particularly good `conspiracy' site that tries to pull together a world view to fit..... welll..... a conspiracy. 
or at least wicked.
TAL - A Mish Mash Of Interesting
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cyclist At Sunset

TAL 2015 A Mish-Mash Of Interesting

Except for the Chemtrail remnants and the person TEXTING(?) while bicycling.... a great photo for The AnomalyMan Listing 2015.
Cyclist at sunset
image from WUnderground
UFO Interesting
Dr Stephen Greer represents much to the so-called UFO Disclosure community.... as a guru, he is looked to bring the very best to the front for examination as he did with this anomaly in 2012-2013 that I'm almost positive did not pan out... of course.
Detailed read about the black market too.
We love spooky pictures
Four days before the big earthquake in 1906.. the video below was filmed... it's truly amazing and worth all nine minutes... time travel today.
Thanks for your visit today... there is more below.. dig in.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Heavy Art

Heavy or spooky art has been a feature around TAL for quite sometime already - here's another winner.
Now, here's a cool story... a rifle 132 Years Old has been found propped up against a tree in the dessert of Nevada. Believe it. Great interesting details.
A Mish Mash Of Interesting
The AnomalyMan Listing 2015
Want to make things .. well.. more interesting in the bedroom?

The next one comes from THE Barfstew (found in the sidebar) and it's REALLY interesting... and a bit racy... sexy... edgy..
 FREAKY ( got your attention?) It's a website that is set up to compare answers to kinky sexual questions that is answered by BOTH spouses but REVEALS only the acceptable
Kinky Choices To Each Other - while keeping those you SHOULDN'T have mentioned secret. speaking of kinky. You gotta see what's on page 77 of this book.
Quick, What's the Fastest Wind In The Country (USA)?
(31.1 when posted)
IF you are a weather FREAK - this is for you.
speaking of Freaky
Stupid Unaware Fish

IF you were wondering WHEN the `end of the world' conspiracy folks peaked... it was on June 7th, 2010 - According To This Old Dying Forum where your mind will be taken on one heck of a journey.
Interesting and Entertaining 
TAL 2015
Tons of great content on this website so look around

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mish Mash Of Interesting

It's been awhile since you heard the phrase mish-mash I bet... well here it is below... enjoy. The AnomalyMan Listing 2015
Science Mash
take different routes of migration than the pure breed birds
great read about what makes diversity 
get your wo-ho's here
UFO Mish

WOW Nature Pic
Embedded In Our Brains?

Speaking of Reptilians on Earth

all set up by Alex Jones?
gotta love the conspiracy folks 
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TAL Entertainment
And, finally for the first edition of TAL 2015
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