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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pythons Are Wiping Out Mammals in the Everglades

Now bring you some news right? Actually, the comments of this link are VERY enlightening  about the real situation and the ultimate issues about Pythons in Florida. Sightings of Raccoons are down 98% is one `fact'. Anyway, make sure to read the comments for some great insights. GREAT PICTURE at link.
TAL is all about great edge of science links - like this one about a new system that `Harvests' near 100% of Light Energy - like plants do. Yeah, it's that big.
TAL always tries to bring a touch of the ParaNormal - such as this man who says this Spirit Orb has been following him everywhere - under 1,000 views:

link -
The poster of the above video said this in his comments:
Spirit Orbs" are sometimes said to exist more densely around certain haunted regions or to be the spirits of departed loved ones. These types of orbs are sometimes said to have faces, often with discernable expressions and even of recognizable persons. Some feel the size of an orb indicates how great of an impact a life force had in its life time.
Another view of spirit orbs holds that they are non-human spirits, with blue and red orbs symbolizing angels and the devil respectively. Another interpretation of colors in orbs is sex differentiation -- blue for male spirits, and red or pink for female, or that they indicate what mood the spirit is in. If orbs are energy they should be emitting light. Spirit orbs are also felt by some to be curious friendly protectors, particularly of children.

21st Century Religion - The Age of Multimedia



It will get the exact reaction you expect. Find out more.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1969 Humanoid Reports

Hello fans of TAL - I appreciate your visit. Today I provide a resource into the unknown - 131 `Humanoid' reports from just one year 1969. Classics all. A tease:
Location. Domback, Angermanland Sweden
Date: January 1969
Time: evening
Gottfried Olsson was looking out the window of his home when he saw a strange humanoid standing on the side of the road. It appeared to be as big as a human and lighted. It was about the length and width as an ordinary human, having the shoulder part clearly marked, so was his lower part, somewhat like a box. Its head had dim contours and appeared hazy. It stood perfectly still for about 3 minutes radiating a strong red/white light except for a vertical blue line on the middle. Suddenly there was a brilliant flash and the figure disappeared.

HC addition # 2314
Source: John Magor, Aliens Above Always
Type: E

Yep, some great stuff to explore - Humanoid Reports.
Digging Deeper:


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Have Dogs Been Pets For 30,000 Years?

As science seems to push back further and further our `normalcy' of humans - this is a push back of at least 10K years earlier than dogs were thought to be domesticated. The real reason to read this however is to see the picture of the dogs skull and to know that he Was Buried With A Mastodon Bone In His Mouth. Links to more details and other science articles.

One of the best Barf Stew posts ever was about a letter found from a slave in response to being asked to `come back' by his owner after the civil war - the letter was called - There Never Was A Payday For The Negro.
The next story has been slowly emerging for years - that some `vegatative' patients are `aware' - find out more about how this research is Progressing.
Finally for today - here's a link to my new page that is tracking the BEST UFO videos of 2012 - lots of links already - Featured 2012 UFO Videos - DIRECT links to the YouTube videos.
Thanks for your visit today - please check out the new features of the sidebar too.
Digging Deeper:
Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards: A Tale of Edward Drinker Cope, Othniel Charles Marsh, and the Gilded Age of Paleontology

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Living in A Simulation

Hello TAL readers - I hope you have had a good holiday period. Today's post is about the real possibility that the reality we perceive around us is some complex simulation. (I am of the belief that CERTAINLY the `perception structure' is `simulated'.) As my most science oriented readers of my blogging efforts - dig into this superior post with embedded YouTube video too. Short Edgy Science Stuff. This is a link BTW from the blog of Bruceleeowe a GREAT edge science blog.
Oh, here's a tease from the article:
it brings together a number of interesting bits of information about (to quote from the wiki) “the possibility that our existence rests on an unimaginably complex n-dimensional k-state computer grid with rules governing the transition from one state to another”.
Meanwhile..... World-Record Pulsed Magnetic Field Achieved; Lab Moves Closer to 100-Tesla Mark - Science Daily Article - and when this is achieved scientists will be able to look into:
This type of magnet allows researchers to carefully tune material parameters while perfectly reproducing the non-invasive magnetic field. Such high magnetic fields confine electrons to nanometer scale orbits, thereby helping to reveal the fundamental quantum nature of a material.
BTW - I have a new blog on Squidoo about and devoted to 2012 UFO videos - so if you want the very latest direct links to the videos themselves  - please visit and bookmark 2012 UFO Videos.
Thanks for your visit. Enjoy the many links and posts in the archive.
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