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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dolphins RE-Generate With Internal Advanced Medicines

But, then again, what would you expect of a creature around for so long? I rarely Copy and Paste this much of an article. It's short and I hope you hit the link to finish it too.
This week, there was a thought-provoking letter in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology that explored how dolphins heal from shark bites that would be fatal to many other species, including humans. Author Michael Zasloff, a professor of immunology at Georgetown University, wondered how dolphins survive huge shark bites without bleeding to death or falling victim to infection from the many bacteria in sharks' mouths. Not only do dolphins recover from "basketball-sized" bites, they regenerate the missing flesh and heal over with no scarring or sign of injury. "That's impossible," Zasloff told ABC, "truly impossible."
Zasloff theorizes that dolphins can produce stem cells that regenerate the bitten-off tissue, or any other kind of tissue that's needed. "The repair of a gaping wound to an appearance that is near normal requires the ability of the injured animal to knit newly formed tissues with the existing fabric of adipocytes, collagen and elastic fibers," Zasloff explained. "The dolphin's healing is similar to how mammalian fetuses are able to heal in the womb."
But what about infection? Even if the dolphin didn't fall prey to the shark's bacteria, swimming around in the ocean with an open wound invites infection. Zasloff thinks that dolphins may have their own little supply of antibiotics, siphoned off from other ocean creatures like plankton or algae when the dolphin eats them, and then stored in fat for later use.
Another mystery Zasloff has been pondering for the past nine years is why dolphins with these large wounds don't appear to be in pain. Zasloff notes that not showing weakness or pain is an evolutionary response (so that predators can't tell which animals are weak), but he thinks dolphins may make their own version of morphine. "I propose that the wound itself is releasing a pain-relieving substance, and it must be unbelievably powerful."
The dolphin's amazing ability to recover from wounds that would be catastrophic to humans could be a boon to researchers... if, that is,
Like the idea of time travel? How's this - below is a picture of some of the first commuters ever - these in 1910.

taking the train out to the first suburbs

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DolphinsTo Touch a Wild Dolphin: A Journey of Discovery with the Sea's Most Intelligent Creatures
To Touch a Wild Dolphin: A Journey of Discovery with the Sea's Most Intelligent Creatures

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trip Advisor - 1902

The AnomalyMan Listing has always loved Shorpy pictures for bringing into focus our changing world timeline.

And Not One Picture Photoshopped
(click above picture to enlarge) (with comments)
Here's some very interesting new science news - Antiproton Ring Found Around Earth - seems it is stable before merging with normal matter for up to HOURS of time.
 AntimatterAlternative MatterAntimatter: The Ultimate MirrorMirror Matter: Pioneering Antimatter Physics
If you want to see the Cream of the Crop in Shorpy Pictures - like the one here today - Click Here
Could a world currency founded from the bottom up in a people to people manner - change the world and power structure? Have you heard about Bitcoin?
Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System [Illustrated]
What You Need To Know About Bitcoins
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Homo Erectus Traveled The High Seas 130K Years Ago

Wow. A wonderful archaeology find for sure and one with a strong basis in proving the very early sea capabilities of early `man'. And, the tools found that lead to this 130K year estimate actually resemble most tools used by early `man' in Africa 700K years ago. Early Humans Traveled The Sea
Every since AnomalyMan started on Squidoo, Trippy Art has been a feature - like this:
My UFO blog has had some hot stories lately TAL readers may want to check out - Mufon's Latest Reports Folly and The Continuing Strange Sky Noise Phenomena Of 2011 and BS had that UFO on Google Earth.
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Did You Know That Even Having Modest Solar Systems Makes Homes Sell Faster?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

UFO? Seen/Filmed By Airline Passenger

Not a heck of a lot to go on here, but, of interest:

Description: “Testing my new Canon 60D camera filming out of the window after a few weeks of running through the footage for other purposes I noticed what I thought was maybe light reflecting from the windows on board however looking closer I can see there looks to be more to it. What’s strange is the way the object / UFO? appears to accelerate as it enters the frame from the left hand side. It couldn’t be passing debris or another plane as it is traveling in a forward direction faster then anything I know of or have seen before and I am an aviation enthusiast.” — uploader ‘Foxinyourmouth’  (hattip -
Proof of Ezekiel's ETs - Extreme UFOs of the Bible (Revised and Annotated)Proof of Extreme UFOs Encounters Based on Physical Evidence & Eyewitnesses (Physcial proof of Extreme UFOs Revealed)Other Tongues -- Other Flesh: History and Proof of UFOs (Forgotten Books)
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Meanwhile...... in as heavy a read as you are likely to encounter today - Is gravity not actually a force? Forcing theory to meet experiments - - lots of event-horizon stuff, great read.
Nassim Haramein - Crossing the Event Horizon: Rise to the EquationNassim Haramein - Crossing the Event Horizon: Rise to the Equation
Event HorizonThe Fabric of TimeBeyond the Blue Event Horizon
A paraNormal story from Iraq is one of the links here - Iraq ParaNormal Entity at my newsblog.
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