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Monday, December 26, 2011

Archaeology and Pepper Spray

Pepper spray of the pre-history? Chili-Peppers? Is this how children were controlled? Even More In-depth links Within.
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Looking for a cool website to explore? How about the North American Fortean Society with an upcoming interview with the man that shot two bigfoots.
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Humans Were Catching Tuna 42,000 Years Ago - Fossils Suggest

TAL readers lap up this science info about our distant relatives (or are they so distant?): And, did you know that fish entered the human Diet 1.9 Million Years Ago? - Quick read.

How about a time-lapse of the sky in one location for one year - Trippy:

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can We Go the Speed of Light? (The Principle of Relativity)

One of the best and most straight forward explanation you are likely to run across. Well produced.

Someone has put together the ultimate compilation of Orb Splitting Video Evidence - what are these phenomena? Link Has Other Strange UFO Videos Too if you look around.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

How Language Affects Color Perception

Have you ever wondered if everyone sees the same `color' when they look at the same thing? - Well, it turns out that, at the least, our minds organize differently in preparation to sense a color based on what language we speak. The research turns on the idea that the Greek Language uses TWO words for blue - Find Out How Soon The Brain Kicks In With Our Perceptions.
BTW, I've been doing this link finding for some time now - indeed, these were the best links I found Five Years Ago. It will take you to a Squidoo page of mine that you will enjoy.
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Remote Viewing The Asteroid Belt Creation - Believable?

This video provides an interesting view into the world of remote viewing, targets, and remote viewers. Trained remote viewers. So, hold on tight - video goes quickly and is well produced: About 10K views.

link -
TAL will be starting smaller regular updates like this one today. See you soon.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

For Under Two Billion Dollars - Mankind To Rip Fabric Of Space With Lasers

And all for the advancement of knowledge - Will The `Ghost Particles' Be Visible?

 Fine books anyone would love for a gift.
Meanwhile,..... the Texas drought of 2011 is drying  up lake beds and exposing Ghost Towns and more.
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Want to read more anomalous material today? Here's a link to my Squidoo Archive of UFO material. Much More Too.
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Alternative Info on the Orang Pendek

Have you, like many TAL readers, been following the on-going research into the Orang Pendek? IF so, here's a great over the top story that gives some very readable speculation. Orang Pendek.
Still eating leftover Halloween candies? TAL can't seem to shake off the ghosts either. How about one more haunted spooky house picture?
(click above picture to enlarge)
How about a Spooky House Charm Link?
Can one man cure another by GAZING at him? Find Out More About Braco - Wizard of Oz?

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scientists Measure Dream Content (for the first time)

Another great edge science post from TAL - thanks for being a reader. A tease:
They were then asked to voluntarily “dream” that they were repeatedly clenching first their right fist and then their left one for ten seconds.
This enabled the scientists to measure the entry into REM sleep – a phase in which dreams are perceived particularly intensively – with the help of the subject’s electroencephalogram (EEG) and to detect the beginning of a lucid phase. The brain activity measured from this time onwards corresponded with the arranged “dream” involving the fist clenching. A region in the sensorimotor cortex of the brain, which is responsible for the execution of movements, was actually activated during the dream. This is directly comparable with the brain activity that arises when the hand is moved while the person is awake. Even if the lucid dreamer just imagines the hand movement while awake, the sensorimotor cortex reacts in a similar way.
Controlled Lucid Dreaming was a vital part of the wisdom of the Carlos Castaneda guru - Don Juan. Scientists Measure Dream CONTENT.

Wonder if there is any way to measure the changes since 1940 in this picture below - six men living in a boarding hourse with three beds.
(click above pic to enlarge)
BTW, I have a 1920 Tabacco Stand as the headline and main post of today's B. S. Right Here.
Why Not Quantum Jump Via Time Travel Pictures?

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooky House Photo

Halloween Greetings From TAL
And, let's not leave it there as in yesteryear 1939 even the paths to homes were kind of Spooky:
(click pictures on this page to enlarge)
A tease:
In this respect, a message from one particle can travel from the present to the future of the other particle, without existing in the time in between the two points, providing a shortcut into the future. “You can send your quantum state into the future without traversing the middle time,” said Olson, lead author of the new study.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

ONE Word Hypnosis - Eyes reveal true hypnotic state for the first time

IF one is astute, or paranoid, one can tell that while the MSM will publish articles such as today's title article - they really don't want to get too far into it; and, perhaps for good reason. Since it is ACTUALLY POSSIBLE to hypnotise someone with ONE word (links embedded within article) - society hardly needs craploads of folks walking around doing such things. Indeed, IMO, the possible nefariousness of hypnotism is staggering. Read all about it Here - includes video too.
Learn How To Hypnotize! (Nefarious link)
Meanwhile.... did you see this picture? Cyclops Shark & Other Cryptic Creatures Make October Creepy - View The One Eyed Shark Fetus Here - happy Halloween.
 HUGE 70 inch Plush Toy
What is this creature called the human? Freedive Spearfishing 60 Feet Deep:

hattip -
Indeed, if you liked the above - here is a recent research finding and links to the actual paper - of Neanderthals shellfishing 150,000 years ago . GREAT Blog too.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

IS A `PICTURE' of Dolphin Words And Language About To Emerge?

A buddy of mine sent this link via E-Mail - I thought it especially appropriate for TAL's science bent readers:

PRESS RELEASE: Deciphering Dolphin Language with Picture Words

In an important breakthrough in deciphering dolphin language, researchers in Great Britain and the United States have imaged the first high definition imprints that dolphin sounds make in water.
The key to this technique is the CymaScope, a new instrument that reveals detailed structures within sounds, allowing their architecture to be studied pictorially. Using high definition audio recordings of dolphins, the research team, headed by English acoustics engineer, John Stuart Reid and Florida-based dolphin researcher, Jack Kassewitz, has been able to image, for the first time, the imprint that a dolphin sound makes in water. The resulting "CymaGlyphs," as they have been named, are reproducible patterns that are expected to form the basis of a lexicon of dolphin language, each pattern representing a dolphin “picture word.”
Certain sounds made by dolphins have long been suspected to represent language but the complexity of the sounds has made their analysis difficult. Previous techniques, using the spectrograph, display cetacean (dolphins, whales and porpoises) sounds only as graphs of frequency and amplitude. The CymaScope captures actual sound vibrations imprinted in the dolphin’s natural environment—water, revealing the intricate visual details of dolphin sounds for the first time.
Within the field of cetacean research, theory states that dolphins have evolved the ability to translate dimensional information from their echolocation sonic beam. The CymaScope has the ability to visualize dimensional structure within sound. CymaGlyph patterns may resemble what the creatures perceive from their own returning sound beams and from the sound beams of other dolphins.
Reid said that the technique has similarities to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Read the rest of this great story Right Here.
WOW. Dozens of explanations have been offered for the Neutrinos faster than light OPERA experiment results GREAT read.
Ready for real time travel? To an Era when the downtown bank had a good reputation? Like in 1904!
Click Above To Enlarge
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Outer Space Exposure

An interesting read from Damn Interesting, the website. This post is about a favorite sci-fi thing - Man Exposed To The Vacuum Of Space. -- How long do you think a man could live? Did you know that it has happened at least on three occasions? Read About Recoveries and Deaths When Man Is Exposed.
Here's another great read with a science slant - Mankind's First Temple, 11,600 Years Ago. Find out the full story.

 - Heavy Duty Read Here
Finally for today - some time travel - The Deli, 1957 - where Hot Turkey Sandwiches were Under a Buck.
And lastly - wanna read a nearly scary UFO report - one that is becoming more and more common - One With ORBs that respond to Humans?

 - Orb Creatures.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oldest Advanced Tools Found in Kenya

The rich history of human toolmaking continues to be unearthed and in this Wired Science Piece - you uncover the world beneath your feet.
Meanwhile..... Flesh-eating plant inspires super-slippery material that repels everything - in this Discovery Magazine Piece.
One of the biggest claims of the Exo-politics fringe crowd is that some Hybrids live on Earth (human and alien DNA folks) - and this video is hoping to convince you - Strange UFO Video.
And, if you are looking for the latest SNP video - (Sky Noise Phenomena) - I have one right Here.
Here's a new post on my newsblog MRH - Music Piracy To Pakistani Traditions Involving Raped Daughters.
Finally, you have seen my Archive on Squidoo? Right? If not, here's a TON of great content for you to Explore.
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Humans Had Sex Regularly With Mysterious Extinct Relatives in Africa

The `human tree' may be acquiring yet another branch to it's expanding foliage. Excellent three minute read about humans interbreeding with yet another human-like species BEFORE leaving Africa.
Genes reveal mysterious group of hominids as Neandertal relatives: DNA analysis suggests interbreeding with modern humans.(Humans): An article from: Science News
Sometimes, on days of remembering (10 year anniversary of 9-11 is today), it is important to look back at the common people too. Consider this 1909 family: The Young's.
January 22, 1909. Tifton, Georgia. "Family working in the Tifton Cotton Mill. Mrs. A.J. Young works in mill and at home. Nell (oldest girl) alternates in mill with mother. Mammy (next girl) runs 2 sides. Mary (next) runs 1½ sides. Elic (oldest boy) works regularly. Eddie (next girl) helps in mill, sticks on bobbins. Four smallest children not working yet. The mother said she earns $4.50 a week and all the children earn $4.50 a week. Husband died and left her with 11 children. Two of them went off and got married. The family left the farm two years ago to work in the mill."
with comments at above link on Shorpy
In more cutting edge science reads - Did Hawking WIN His Higgs Bet? - meanwhile.... Dark Matter Is an Illusion, New Antigravity Theory Says - Virtual Particles Exchanging Energy
Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology
Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology
The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology
The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology
Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown
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