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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Death Issue To Peter Gersten - Choosing The Time And Location

Hello TAL readers - thanks for being here today. Today's post is about an on-going saga that some of you may be aware of due to my having Peter Gersten's `works' in the TAL sidebar under `The Short List'. Gersten is one of the few I have featured due to the sheer volume of `heavy stuff' type links his website has. (The Heavy Stuff is my esoteric/phenomenology blog - ) The man is a thinker and has been at the forefront also of pressuring the government via the FOIA for UFO documents.

And, on his website - as he has had for quite a while, and, that I was aware of when posting the link to his website - he has what amounts to a declaration of suicide that corresponds to some of the 2012 crappola out there. And, I assume that some folks are just becoming aware of this learned man saying that he will do an action that will result in his death on a certain date at a certain time at a certain place.

Now, he says, that it is his way of ending his `program' - as he believes - evidently very strongly, - that we all live in a computer simulation. And, he views this as his way to act upon his beliefs. (I also believe that he expects that his actions could PROVE it and therefore alter mankind's very perceptions of the world.)

Anyway, with that as the backdrop - several bloggers who I regularly read - have voiced up their concerns with Peter's stated goal in 2012 (which I am going to force you to read more to find it all out) in the past few days as you can see from the links below:
First, Bragalia on 5/17 - where he says that Peter is just one of the UFO folks who has cascaded into madness - - lots of comments.
Next, Bruce Duensing on 5/18 - on which I wrote Bruce a long comment - others chimed in too.
Then, on 5/20 Paul Kimball checked in with nearly an entirely different take on Gersten - backed up with videos he took of Peter in 2007 - lots of comments here too - which was rebutted by Bruce Duensing in his blog a day or so later - (and which could even be referring to my comment too).

So, why do I bring this to my TAL reader base? First, I felt a responsibility to users of my sidebar - the very sites I recommend. Next, I wanted my first gut response to be available to those who wish to read it at BD's blog. But, I also wanted to bring all of this OUT OF THE 2012 connection and into a MUCH larger context, perhaps.

You see, I am of the belief that one OWNS their space - their body - and when at the age of adulthood - should have complete control over it and how it is treated. I HATE the concept of doctors keeping people in pain alive if they do not wish it. I HATE the concept of people after strokes being FORCED to live with their conditions (as I saw my father in law for over a year be motionless and unable to communicate). I HATE the idea that the STATE laws will govern what things I may use within my body to affect my consciousness.

People die for all sorts of reasons - including the lies by politicians. To me, THOSE ARE THE LIVES THAT ARE WASTED. Young lives, often given for no REAL reason at all. And, I won't mention drones bombing innocents out of the sky with apologies for `collateral damage'. THOSE ARE DEATH CRIMES.

But, for a fully functional 70 year old man to have reasons to do an action - even if based on near nonsense verbage - that he feels will be bordering or enhancing to/on his enlightenment or even humanities (from his point of view) - IMO - has to be looked at in this bigger picture as to WHO OWNS OUR BODY?

Ready to be blasted by those who feel otherwise if you wish - I will read and post any comments here too.
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