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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ancient Man's Teeth Were Healthier Than Modern Humans

It's a real fun NPR story that traces the changes in mankind's diet over the era's - such as the change 10K years ago to farming and the more recent change to processed sugar and such for the last 160 years or so. Here's the original and harder to decipher link with graphs at Nature.Com.
Great Science Reads - The AnomalyMan Listing
Hey, did you read about the `nearby' star (190 light years) is about the SAME AGE as the UNIVERSE? Some trippy stuff is in this article about the whole process of estimating the age of the universe too. Indeed, while within the + or - range, the star `reads' as being Older Than The Universe. It took Hubble images to work out these new numbers BTW.
And, today's intellectual `paranormal' read is brought to you by one of my favorite thinkers - D. B. Donlan - careful, you could easily spend an hour at his blog.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trippy Art Fantasies

The website is called (Tom Ardans - My Vain Doodles - and has pictures like those seen below:
There's TONS more at the guys webpage.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cavemen, quadrupeds and science, oh my!

I'm taking this headline directly from  one of the coolest websites -- about `cavemen'. I've featured the work of this Anthropologist before and this is another example of his good work. He takes a supposed `study' of `caveman' `art' of `animals' and proceeds to rip it .... well, a new one. 

The study purports that `cavemen' were more accurate artists of animals - than `modern man' artists samples of draw animals. He first slams the idea of `cavemen' and the sample size of the study and we are off to the races. Anyway, indulge your inner fantasy to feel kinship with the Caveman. The name of the blog is `A Very Remote Period Indeed'.
========================================== - TAL, bits of humor too in the archive.
Finally for today - from Cavemen, men that look like cavemen, we go to the other extreme - a `scholarly' yet, tongue in cheek look at the coming Robopocalypse and how to survive it.
Now, go dig into the content of the archive of The AnomalyMan Listing. Thanks for your support by visiting the affiliates of TAL.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are Spider Rains Normal?

Just part of the unusual world we live in, evidently - as shown by this photo and story:
link -

Story link - did you know that Loren Coleman has this new forum for unusual? Spider Rain, at least one other picture at the link too.
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Finally for today - can the sound of Tigers - TRAVEL THROUGH MOUNTAINS? -- Science Strives To Figure It Out (we are talking about the sub-sounds below the human threshold).
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nearest Earth-Like Planet 13 Light Years Away - Perhaps

Wow. Fans of The AnomalyMan Listing will certainly enjoy the logic used in this analysis to project the truth of the above headline. Using statements and assumptions such as `6% of red dwarfs have rocky planets in the habitable zone' - along with other assumptions you will want to read today. 

BUT, find out why the first one that we find - that is an Earth-like rocky planet around a red dwarf in the habitable zone is likely to be 100 Light Years Away - gotta love stats.
The title of this link explains it all - The False Memories of Fabricated Political Events ----- see what over 5,000 people remembered happening. Slightly sickening.
Thanks for your visit today - dig into the archive for much more of interest.
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Quantum Gas Goes Below Absolute Zero

Wow - this article reads like science fiction come true. Truly brilliant deduction to achieve this outcome - read how Potassium Gas atoms made a trip where no atoms have gone before in this region of the universe.
This one has a cute title Houston, We Have Another Problem - turns out, space travel may increase brain disease. Interesting read.
Ready to twist your brain beyond any recognition? Dig into this intense article that explains WHY Mirrors Reverse Right And Left But Not Up And Down - trippy.
And, the oldest wooden structure has been unearthed in Germany - a wall well that has wood walls and is 7,000 Years Old  with cool pictures. Detailed analysis.
I updated my `news' blog recently - check it out Here - it uses my settings on Reddit - real interesting news your hometown paper somehow missed.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life Forms Survive Space Exposure

The results of an interesting experiment done on the space station in 2008 - Find Out More
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