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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Genome hacker uncovers largest-ever family tree - 13 MILLION Linked Together

 An extraordinary read..... these 13 million folk are linked all the way back to the 1400's. The read will also provide the link that the researcher used to compile the databank.
Political With A Science Edge To It
And, how about, `What Beethoven Looks Like'?

The AnomalyMan Listing
And, new research seems to show that cats recognize the voice of their owners but are Too Cool To Show They Care - short interesting read.
And, the finding of a 700k year old horse in the permafrost has allowed the linage line of horses/zebras/and donkeys to be pushed back to 4 million years - Interesting Details About The Find And DNA Teasing - did you know the half life of DNA is 521 years?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Air Pollution - The Leading Cause Of Cancer

You knew instinctively that TPTB would eventually put forth the concept that going outside was to be avoided - and that a low level of fear could be attached to the very air we breathe. A Scientific American link for The AnomalyMan Listing.
And what does the `science' of handwriting analysis say about vulgarity written on a waitress slip? It says that the guy accused in the folly didn't write it on the payment slip...... oh, the waitress got 5 figures in money from those feeling sorry for Her. Hmmm. and once again, Hmmmm. Has the system been played again?
TAL is a bit edgier today .... politics with a bit of science if you will --- but, not like BarfStew.
Speaking of `Science'
Virgin Galactic
Cool Read
Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space
And, how about a Ken Pfeifer UFO report?


The sighting at Pyyvaara in Suomussalmi in the summer of 1967 is noteworthy in several respects: the unknown object was of a type seldom reported, it was observed at close range in broad daylight by five eyewitnesses, and the case was researched by a number of investigators; yet no conclusions could be reached.  On June 14, 1967, at about noon, farmer Arvi Juntunen was busy in the yard greasing his field cultivator, while nearby his brother Veikko was tarring the runners of a sled. The weather was sunny and calm.  Suddenly there was a rumble in the sky, as from a whirlwind approaching, and Juntunen noticed the top of a Rowan tree in the yard swaying violently.  He turned to look in the direction of the noise and was surprised to see an object, shaped like an upside-down kettle that had appeared about 6-7 meters from him and was now hovering about half a meter above ground.  Juntunen   estimated the object to be 70-80 cm across and about half as high. Sunlight reflected off its brownish surface and there was a wing-like extrusion on its flank. It had a separate base that seemed to be spinning rapidly.  At first Juntunen took the object to be something carried there by a whirlwind, and so decided to salvage it. As he approached to about three meters from it, three thin wires that looked like antennae emerged from the object's flank.  The ones at each side immediately turned in the same direction as the central one, and although they did not touch Juntunen he felt himself receiving a "pulsating blow," resembling an electric shock.  Mr. Juntunen was a little startled at this, but when the object began showing signs of moving again, he pulled his hat off his head and tossed it toward the antennae. The only effect this had was that the strong air pressure surrounding the object whisked the hat more than 10 meters away.  Now followed a display that appeared devoid of meaning. The object rose higher in the air and began to zoom around the yard in every direction, up and down as well as sideways, like an angry wasp, with the antennae extending in front.  Mr. Juntunen realized that this was something others should witness. He shouted to the womenfolk and children in the house to come and have a look, but was not heard.  However, the matron of the neighboring farmhouse, Liisa Keränen, and her daughter-in-law Sirkka Keränen, did hear Juntunen's call and came out.  Actually, five-year-old Aarne Keränen had already been in to tell them about the strange flying object, but apparently the testimony of such a young witness had not been enough to interest the adults.  The five eyewitnesses now stood observing the most curious exhibition of their lives. The little craft's haphazard flight lasted quite a while and could easily have been photographed, but unfortunately no camera was available.  At last the object began to climb at an angle towards the northwest and disappeared in the blue. The whole silent spectacle had lasted approximately 15 minutes.  Possibly, the same oddity may have been moving in the vicinity even before noon that day, because the children of the household had suddenly come rushing inside and begged the grown-ups to come out and look at a "helicopter."  Still, nothing was seen or heard at that time. The case attracted quite a bit of attention, and the eyewitnesses were interviewed by several parties, among them military personnel from the Kainuu border patrol, as well as UFO researchers and journalists from Oulu.  All investigators were left nonplussed, but it was later discovered that a similar object had been seen six weeks previously by three local men out fishing on Lake Vuosselinjärvi in Kuusamo.   They had, however, thought it best to keep quiet about it, and only spoke up a couple of years later, apparently having heard of the Pyyvaara case by then. 

My 9 Page Read Of A Lifetime On Amazon

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Near Ground Orb Sighting Changes Persons Life

Seeing the anomalous can do just that indeed - it's a Ken Pfeifer report that I bring to The AnomalyMan Listing today:


On July 30, 2011 at around 11:30 pm I witnessed something extraordinary while camping on Lake Erie with my family at the Knight's Beach Resort in Haldimand, Ontario. Just above the trees which are about 30 feet high we observed 3 circular object that looked like fire balls. When I first caught a glimpse of them I panicked thinking that it was fire spreading from tree to tree but quickly realized that this was not fire at all. Instantly I knew that this was something very special. I had this overwhelming feeling of happiness because I always believed that there were extraterrestrials and other dimensions but never thought that in my lifetime I would experience anything that would indicate to me that in fact that was the case, until that very moment. That moment changed my life. I can tell you for certain that this was not anything "earthly". These spheres/orbs glided over our campground occasionally slowing down and pausing. We all felt like we were being watched. As they started to move away from the camp my brother in law and I ran after them in hope that we would see something more. We were both afraid but just could not resist the urge to find out more. We quickly lost sight of them as they started to disappear behind the trees and we decided to run down to the beech to see if we could get a better look. By the time we got there they were gone. However, there were at least a dozen of people at the beech who just witnessed the same thing. We were told by several witnesses that there was a very bright shooting star in the sky which stopped suddenly and after a few moments broke into 3 lights. The lights flickered in different colours as if they were signalling each other. They then flew towards the shore of Lake Erie and appeared orange and red in colour. As they glided over the campground they paused and flickered again before taking off at a very high speed.

What is even more interesting is that when we returned home, Burlington Ontario, we overheard conversations between the locals about these fireballs over Lake Ontario. Apperantly these things were seen all overt the place. While I was shopping at a local grocery store I overheard a conversation between two older woman talking about watching these fireballs from their building balconies on lakeshore diving into Lake Ontario. They also commented that the fire departments were flooded with calls about fire balls. I thought I was in a middle of some kind of a cheesy 80's TV movie. I mean how bizarre is this?! I myself have never seen them in Burlington but we did wonder why the fire trucks were constantly rushing through the city. It is not common to hear fire trucks very frequently in this city. Immediately I started googling about this and looking in the local papers for any stories and to my surprise found absolutely nothing. How can there be NOTHING?! I later found a submission in the Spectator by a man whose daughters witnessed these orbs but he was basically ridiculed. People commented that they were Chinese lanterns, but I can tell you I know what a Chinese lantern looks like because I have seen them before and this was definitely not even close. I decided to send an email to the journalist at the Hamilton Spectator asking him how as a journalist he had the right to blow this guy off without doing any investigative work but he blew me off and ridiculed me.

What is really upseting to me is that we did not get a chance to film what we saw. I have since found some videos on youtube of people in Burlington and all over the world observing these things, but I have yet to see one where they were as close to the ground as the ones we saw. I forgot to mention that they did not appear to be very large. My guess would be about 3 feet in diameter. Also, when i say that they are red and orange in colour, picture heating a metal object. It had a bright orange centre and red around it. they looked like they were super hot and did not make a sound.

I have now become completely obsessed with this and continue to search for information. From watching many shows such as ancient aliens, ufo files and many others since my experience I understand that ancient civilizations have recorded existence of these orbs.

That was a truly incredible experience for me.  

Orbs splitting are indeed part of the motif in the 2010's. The Orb Phenomena IS The UFO Phenomena.
How about a good science read about perception in total darkness? Seems, of course, that it is Impossible And Is A Perception Supplied By The Brain In Over HALF Of Study Participants.
Finally for today - The Box of Crazy
(these are things found in a box by a trash can - first, the BOX)
This is the box. The Box of Crazy
btw, my most reviewed book is about Lujan Matus the Shaman -- I'd like to share with you a quote from one of the reviews of the book:
"...An invitation to a field trip into the unseen, a reality where we may discover a realm hidden for many, a place where orbs are silver or red, exist, move and i expect this book to be a way to progress within it free of the gloomy energetic aspects magic is traditionally associated with. A good work."

Friday, November 8, 2013

Oldtime UFO Reports 1

Hello TAL readers - thanks for checking in. I have any number of UFO reports from NJ MUFON Investigator Ken Pfeifer and I bring them to both my UFO blog and elsewhere that I blog. Knowing that TAL readers would also like an occasional shot of KP's reports - I'd thought I'd start that today:


My sister and I are from Boring Oregon. That is where we lived at the time we saw this UFO!  We were young kids myself about 9 or 10, my sister 2 years older than I.  We always enjoyed sleeping outside in the summer, so the night of the sighting was like any other night.  We got our beds ready on the front patio of the house which our house was a good sized 2 story home with big sliding glass doors on the front of the house which is were the patio is and where we chose to sleep that night. The view from sleeping on the patio was an unobstructed view of the night sky. There were trees on the outskirts of my vision, but from a laying position I could see about all of the night sky.  I fell asleep with no problems that I can remember, and then I remember waking up to take the covers off my face, and when I did I was lying on my back and I opened my eyes to see the whole previously unobstructed night sky being taken up by this UFO!  The UFO was right over the top of us.  If felt like we were directly under the middle of it. Its height was very low and it seemed to be just over the topped off tree!  It was so close I could of thrown a rock and hit it.  With it being so close I remember I could see the different textures and see shadows casting off those textures on to the craft . I can't recall direct lights in my eyes but the thing seemed to be illuminated by a soft dark light glow. I remember feeling like I was looking at someone that was looking at me but I did not see anyone.  It was very steady and not moving.   It just seemed to be hanging there. I did not even here any noises and it was so big and close.  So all that was about a minute of observing the UFO.  I then woke up my sister by shaking her. When she woke up we both got another look at it and then  threw the covers over our head.  I was very curious so I looked again and as I uncovered my head I just caught the thing with hardly any movement.   The craft was very fast and effortlessly.  Went from right over my heads to a little bigger than a big star way up into the sky, and then disappeared.  The only noise it made when it moved was a swish like the noise of the wind and air moving.  I was in shock when we saw it and I don't really remember anything right after the sighting like falling back asleep or what we did?  I find that really weird also cause knowing me as a child my first reaction would be run screaming for my mom and I don't even remember if I went back to sleep, went inside or anything till the next morning when we both told our parents. They were amazed by the story but kinda in disbelief.  They had us separately draw what we saw. I have thought about that every day since it happened and am very interested In learning more.


Still some more for you:



Last night around 9:15 I went to smoke a cigarette on my front porch before heading to bed. I have a straight shot of open sky off my front porch and could see a light that looked like a bright star. Then it started moving closer towards my house and it kept getting brighter and brighter. It was all alone until it was almost over my house then it seemed like out of no where 2 airplane like figures appeared beside it and behind it, constantly changing positions. The airplanes had red and green lights on the side. I convinced myself it was just two planes meeting up with something else to refuel. I snapped two different picture. One as it was approaching my house, which in the picture, you can see it was going fast enough to cause i tail behing it. Then another when it was above my house. The photo on my phone just made it look like a dot on my small cell screen but when i uploaded it on my computer you can see it is a circle and very bright. There were tons of stars out last night and none of them were bright enough for my camera to pick up but this is clear as day. It went over the hill behind my house and I went inside assuming it was gone. So I posted something on Facebook about it and 20 minutes later my neighbor replied they went outside and looked and it was there again, followed by someone 2 miles in the opposite direction of where I last saw the "thing" headed that it was also over their house. That is what really got me thinking. It if were jets refueling would they be circling a town or headed in a straight path to their destination. I don't know much about that kind of stuff, but I would bet money that was not planes refueling.  The light on this object was almost as if it were a high powered search light but the light never pointed down to the ground it just surrounded the object.

And, the cool pics associated with the above report:

And, the second one:

Photos courtesy of KP
Yeah, I know - super-strange.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Girls Names - By State - Six Decades Of Data

One of the coolest links ever perhaps!
And the link to the data source - - There is already a boys version of this that is also awesome.
Sticking With The Data Is Beautiful Theme
The AnomalyMan Listing
Great Stuff In The Archive Too
How about a `science' look and reasoning about the Bigfoot phenomena.... with a great line IMO.... all unlikelihoods are not created Equal .... (tying this logic into the traces of real evidence for the Giant Squid)... reported TOO many times to exist.... by such logic ... where does `science' stand on UFO's or the anomalous?
TAL is aware that our readers like paranormal stories and such - here's a Writer and His Website - CreepyPasta - go eat a helping.
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Talk About Body Stereotypes!

I've discovered a new Subreddit called data is beautiful - and indeed, just looking at data visually yields confirmations and insights into many it's FOOTBALL body shapes. A natural for fans of The AnomalyMan Listing:

NFL Players Position,Height and Weight
it would be cool to see this graphic for all the sports, especially baseball
Here's an interesting if unbelievable `find' - a 46 million year old Mosquito with Liquid Fossilized Blood.
TAL Is Known For Spooky and Trippy Pictures
Let The Perception Continue
Other Recent News
4th Largest Moon Rock Sells For Over 300,000 Bucks (from the other side of the moon to boot, supposedly)
And, finally - a find in Georgia (Asian) may be re-writing how folks understand `early mankind'. As you are aware... a slowly building consensus has been that a LONG time ago - say over 1/2 a million years ago .. that any number of `species' of humanlike beings were in existence... Well, Consider This. Good 2 minute final read.
Check out this amazing book from Amazon

Friday, October 11, 2013

Do Chimpanzees Understand Death?

The AnomalyMan Listing brings to you a real cool link to several studies of the higher ape (captive) and how it reacts to a friend or even an acquaintances death.  Even a video of a Bonobo's death.... Amazing Blog Too.
Halloween Is Coming - In Honor - How about `Slender Man':
Want a great science astronomy read? How about the discovery of a free floating planet about 80 LY away that was born just 12 million years ago? Great Read.
Do Green Lasers Call UFO's?
is the anomalous closer than you think?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Little Ludwig -- Carbon Can Do Music! (Software Intelligence?)

Hello TAL fans - sorry for the delay in posting - hopefully, now that I've re-positioned my blogs somewhat - I will be posting here at TAL more often. Simply put, TAL will continue to be a high level intelligence website with lots of science links, intellectual reads and some UFO stuff thrown in too.
Here's today's Headline Post:<
Meanwhile, ... The five-year-old boy who sold 3,000 monster drawings to pay for his own cancer treatment - - these are collector items, very cool drawings too.
How to Draw 101 Monsters: Easy Step-by-step Drawing
How to Draw 101 Monsters: Easy Step-by-step Drawing
Drawing & Painting Fantasy Beasts: Bring to Life the Creatures and Monsters of Other Realms
Drawing & Painting Fantasy Beasts: Bring to Life the Creatures and Monsters of Other Realms
Here's some VERY first person high strangeness - US woman acquires vaguely British accent following dental surgery - - cool blog too.
Here's a fantastic read about Strange Habitats - for Life - such as within Black Holes and around failed stars - great links within and a cool blog too -
Dentist Chair Don Juan's? (of Carlos Castaneda fame) - Sure - - great alternative read. Esoteric edge stuff via TCI blog.
TAL - Cool Links - Cool Products

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...I had been using a faucet based Pur filter, which kept leaking as splashing water everywhere. I choose this type of system because of the alkaline aspects of it. Water with Alkaline provides antioxidants, and helps to raise the pH levels, which is good for a lot of health conditions

Friday, September 27, 2013

Turkey Find Yields Mankind's Oldest Game Board Pieces

And, not only that - feast your eyes on this find pictured below of these 5,000 year old game pieces - some of the game board may also have been found. Great short read of other ancient finds in the area of `games' too - Oldest Gaming Tokens.
The AnomalyMan Listing - Always Cool Reads!
How about a quick chiller read from the Reddit SubReddit called Paranormal
my best friend "J"(m) & I(f) have been friends for over 7yrs. J is the middle child of 3 boys. me, J & his younger brother, would always hang out, getting drunk & just having fun. the older brother, not so much. him & J had issues of their own & never really got along. I would see the older brother on holidays, but never really talked to him.
J and I used to work at a bar downtown in the city we lived in. we had the same hours, days. all that. it was awesome! on a thursday nite in march 2012, J & I didn't get outta work till almost 2hrs past our shift. J dropped me off at home a little past 4:30am. I was so tired, I passed out the second I laid down. that nite I had a dream.
I was walking in some woods in my dream. I had this odd feeling, like I had to find something, but wasn't sure exactly what. I was def lost & just walking aimlessly thru these woods. after walking for what seemed like hours, I saw a clearing at the edge of a cliff. I walk to the edge of the cliff, & there was a waterfall. I sat down to rest & watch the water. the scenery was just amazing & so surreal. colors were so vivid, I could feel the slight breeze, the air smelled so fresh, the whole aura of this place was just so comforting. while I sat there watching the waterfall, outta the corner of my eye, I noticed another cliff just to the right of the waterfall. sitting on the cliff was J's oldest brother. doing the same as me, just sitting, watching. he never looked over at me & then I woke up.
I remember after I woke up, I rolled over & glanced ay my alarm clock. the time was 5:43am. for some reason, I couldn't fall back asleep for shit.
the following afternoon was friday. J & I had to start work at 6pm that day. we get to work, start our shift, then, 5mns before 7pm, J gets a phone call, from his dad, to come home "because something bad has happened."
J's oldest brother commited suicide. on a cliff, overlooking a waterfall. time of death was 5:43pm. 12 hours after my dream of him.
Is this a case of a doppelganger structure? Could the reporter-dreamer have been told by his future doppelganger that indeed witnessed the pre-suicide? Or, could both doppelgangers of both reporter and observed have been there at that previous dream moment - and the person simply went through with HIS dream - of which we have no idea what occurred? Or, could the suicide(r)'s doppelganger have been in the reporter-observers dream?
As many readers of this blog know - TAL was born out of my page on of the same name (at that time) - The AnomalyMan Listing. Recently I was updating that original page (now with a new name) and ran across something of entertainment value to TAL readers:

Yes, You Can Own It.
please click

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Did Climate Change Cause Demise Of Late Bronze Age Civilizations?

Yeah, no water will tend to dry up the human side of topography for a bit of time...... Lush Woodlands Gave Way To Arid Grasslands 3,200 years ago
The AnomalyMan Listing
As They Say At This Sub-Reddit `Data Is Beautiful'

SEE IT With This BLOWUP Link - Real Interesting
And for today's final Science read - we bring you more about our distant cousins - The Orangutan who it has been found - don't live in just the here and now but plan activities up to a day in advance. Oh, and other Orangutan's remember `others' plans Too. Two minute interesting read.
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Visualizing PI

The Infinite Viewpoint
Data is Beautiful is a new Sub-Reddit that I'm following - expect more!
The TAL Science Edge
Ready to feel some guilt? Seems that a few experiments on Lobsters and Crabs have perhaps proven that they Experience Pain.... (gasp).... or, at least they will avoid it if given a chance. Seems this might be a BIG deal to some animal rights folks. Should the crab be `protected' like the mouse?
Seems babies can mind read? Yep, they did an experiment involving scissors and children in three areas of the world and were able to determine that Babies Have A Universal Talent much earlier than thought (in understanding situations). And, that previous studies that showed differences by region of the world may have been caused by the types of questions parents ask their babies.
Last One For Today's AnomalyMan
Mother Beatles Eat The Young That BEG Too Much wait until you read the details of how they did this research.
Lon Strickler Picked From Among His 1000's Of Anomalous Stories And Put Them Into The E-Book Below:

Customer Reviews

I bought Lon's book because I am a fan of his blog. R. Wertz  |  13 reviewers made a similar statement
This is a great read for anyone interested in this topic. Summer  |  9 reviewers made a similar statement
Lon does an excellent job of keeping track of and reporting encounters. Hannah  |  5 reviewers made a similar statement

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When Choirs Sing, Many Hearts Sync Up!

Ready for a touch of the mystical surrounding singing together in harmony? of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir raise their voices in unison — and perhaps unify their heart rates, too.

Breathing In Unison May Also Be A Factor Great read. Find out how they proved this data.
Here's a story that isn't surprising to many who consider the great sea entities as having lots of awareness. Seems that they've proved by careful tracking that Dolphins Recognize Each Other Even After 20 Years Of Separation - interesting short read.
The important breakthroughs in medicine seem ever nearer such as this news that they can Lab Grow Heart Tissue From Skin Cells That Beats - I don't think even science fiction writers 50 years ago were thinking of this stuff.
My Latest Book

J.S. Flower Says:
"This cat will spin your synapses into the unknown quicker than any known buffer reality we identify with. Who really has the gumption to go way deep into the Heavy Stuff? Its much easier to sit on the shores of the cultural construct and think that gathering zero's is important. But take the plunge if you dare, and open your mind to this outrageous search of anomalous phenomena."

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Baboons Acting Spooked - 4th Time Since 1994

Do our close relatives know or sense something we superiors don't? Interesting read.... seems things are returning to `normal' inside the baboon cage. Spooked Baboons.
Emmen Zoo baboons in trees
Data Is Beautiful
stalking the science side of the news

Florida - Most `Free Gay Porn' State
Alabama - Most `God' State
Vermont - Least `God' State
Minnesota - Least `Free Gay Porn' State
Mississippi - Most `Free Gay Porn' `Republican' State
Rhode Island - Most `Free Gay Porn' `Democrat' State
Alaska - Least `Free Gay Porn' `Republican' State
Minnesota - Least `Free Gay Porn' `Democrat' State
Pennsylvania - Most `God' Democrat State
Idaho/Virgina - Least `God' Republican State(s) virtual tie
Shaman, hiking into the desert in search of Peyote, cautions from the authorities -- it's all in this interestingly written Mind Bending Story that lacks nearly ANY positives about the experience. Some cool comments below story.
The AnomalyMan Listing
Harvard Connects Man And Rat Brain Into One.... and other advancements.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Frozen Lake Two Miles Deep - Teeming With Life

As in DNA from over 3,500 organisms..... oh my... cool science read with cool details like:
Among the bacteria found in the samples brought to the surface were those commonly found in the digestive systems of fish, crustaceans and annelid worms, raising the prospect there could be more complex life still living in the lake.
LIFE - Two Miles Deep
Sometimes it's the short lived blogs that have great densities of great content - especially ones with names like Haunted Truth (dot) Com - videos and more.
Seems that the scientists are scratching their heads about another HUGE energy event(s) with few logical sources known to mankind -- Mysterious Short Radio Bursts - 3 minute read.
A TAL `Trippy Image'
And it turns out that all of our collective imaginations about the T.Rex --- Were Right! It WAS a predator - for sure - now that the proof of a T.REX tooth embedded in the tailbone of another creature has been discovered.
And, speaking of OMG horrifying -- this Qualifies - expect to be SHOCKED.
At Squidoo.Com - I'm KNOWN as the AnomalyMan - see 
That Archive OF GREAT LINKS  with a simple click
And Finally
End Of Time Movies - The AnomalyMan's Listing - Page TWO