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Friday, September 27, 2013

Turkey Find Yields Mankind's Oldest Game Board Pieces

And, not only that - feast your eyes on this find pictured below of these 5,000 year old game pieces - some of the game board may also have been found. Great short read of other ancient finds in the area of `games' too - Oldest Gaming Tokens.
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How about a quick chiller read from the Reddit SubReddit called Paranormal
my best friend "J"(m) & I(f) have been friends for over 7yrs. J is the middle child of 3 boys. me, J & his younger brother, would always hang out, getting drunk & just having fun. the older brother, not so much. him & J had issues of their own & never really got along. I would see the older brother on holidays, but never really talked to him.
J and I used to work at a bar downtown in the city we lived in. we had the same hours, days. all that. it was awesome! on a thursday nite in march 2012, J & I didn't get outta work till almost 2hrs past our shift. J dropped me off at home a little past 4:30am. I was so tired, I passed out the second I laid down. that nite I had a dream.
I was walking in some woods in my dream. I had this odd feeling, like I had to find something, but wasn't sure exactly what. I was def lost & just walking aimlessly thru these woods. after walking for what seemed like hours, I saw a clearing at the edge of a cliff. I walk to the edge of the cliff, & there was a waterfall. I sat down to rest & watch the water. the scenery was just amazing & so surreal. colors were so vivid, I could feel the slight breeze, the air smelled so fresh, the whole aura of this place was just so comforting. while I sat there watching the waterfall, outta the corner of my eye, I noticed another cliff just to the right of the waterfall. sitting on the cliff was J's oldest brother. doing the same as me, just sitting, watching. he never looked over at me & then I woke up.
I remember after I woke up, I rolled over & glanced ay my alarm clock. the time was 5:43am. for some reason, I couldn't fall back asleep for shit.
the following afternoon was friday. J & I had to start work at 6pm that day. we get to work, start our shift, then, 5mns before 7pm, J gets a phone call, from his dad, to come home "because something bad has happened."
J's oldest brother commited suicide. on a cliff, overlooking a waterfall. time of death was 5:43pm. 12 hours after my dream of him.
Is this a case of a doppelganger structure? Could the reporter-dreamer have been told by his future doppelganger that indeed witnessed the pre-suicide? Or, could both doppelgangers of both reporter and observed have been there at that previous dream moment - and the person simply went through with HIS dream - of which we have no idea what occurred? Or, could the suicide(r)'s doppelganger have been in the reporter-observers dream?
As many readers of this blog know - TAL was born out of my page on of the same name (at that time) - The AnomalyMan Listing. Recently I was updating that original page (now with a new name) and ran across something of entertainment value to TAL readers:

Yes, You Can Own It.
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