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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

UFO Art - Ancient Gods?

Wow - For AnomalyMan Readers!
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time well spent
Time Travel
Science will never cease to amaze at how much of the past it can piece together for a viewing.... such as this finding from the bones of one boy 12,600 years ago in the Americas... the Clovis culture to be exact. Anyway, they put did a DNA analysis and guess what.... up to 80% of all natives to the American Native landscape may have come from Europe/Germany (for some).... Read More  ... and I LOVE what the DNA analysis done on a Native Australian said.... wow.
MUSIC Hits Analysis
Hit Lyrics Then And Now - By Specific Words
IF culture and society are represented by the word of popular music (which of course could be manipulated) - then certain patterns could clearly be seen in the graphs - of which one example is below - the change in the use of the word `body' in Hit Music:
Other words include:
Love - much less since the mid 90's (Lewinsky effect?)
Sex - more since the early 90's
Sexy - surprisingly light, increase since 2000
Foul - fuels low level hits since 2000 or so
Hate/Kill - moderate, surprisingly consistent since late 1960's with some increase in last 10 years perhaps
Boys/Girls - amazingly consistent at moderate to low level
Smile - huge decrease 1990's, still important level in top hits
I Love You - huge void in top hits since mid-90's
We/Us - amazing density with pronounced spikes from 72-82 and 2002-2013
Money - consistent for decades, slight increase since 2004 or so
Home - noticeable decrease beginning 1990
Weed - sparse with slow increase since 1900's
Rain - noticeable decrease since 2000
Kiss - amazing consistency for decades upon end
Happy - becoming exceedingly rare since 1990's
Baby - strong and consistent but slight decrease in last 8 years 
Heart - consistent with waves of increase like around 1990, now becoming less common
Lonely - marked decrease about 1995 onward (Windows 95?)
Sad - all data much lower since about 1980
Did you know that EVERY planet would fit BETWEEN the Earth and the Moon?

No, I Don't See Pluto Included
And finally for today a great read for AnomalyMan users - have you heard about the FIND of many photos within a block of ICE? In Antarctica? 
From The Ross Sea Party Of 1914-1917
(It was the Negatives that were discovered BTW)
Sample Photo Below

Go To The Story Link For More Pictures
And, From Amazon
Early one evening, I was patrolling alone and decided to stop a vehicle with its taillight out. I had no way of knowing that this seemingly routine decision would lead to a strange twist of fate years later. . .
These true, first-hand accounts from law enforcement officials across the nation reveal how intuition, apparitions, UFOs, prophetic dreams, and other forces beyond our understanding have impacted them in the course of duty.

The weird and unexplained experiences in this book take place in the midst of the death-defying gun battles, thrilling rescues, and heart-searing tragedies that police officers face every day—and reveal the fascinating inner lives of the heroic men and women behind the badge.

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