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Friday, April 15, 2011

Interview with Lujan Matus on Heart Awareness, death & Pineal DMT

Lujan Matus's words are attracting more attention on the internet than JUST my blog The Heavy Stuff - and here - in this link, he provides an interview on some amazing perception structures that he seems able to activate in some individuals. Here's a tease:
Lujan, after practicing the recapitulation gazing techniques, I'm really aware of the increasing activation of DMT as it is naturally produced in the pineal gland. At this time there is a boom going on in the global entheogenic community, particularly towards the healing & enlightening experiences people are having with ayahuasca and DMT, as a substance introduced to the body from an external source. Techniques that can activate this potential from our own internal source are rare or rarely discussed in these terms. I believe that we have been compromised in our third eye function over a long period of time (whether by natural evolutionary pathways or by interference, I'm not sure) but at this time the evolutionary development seems to be pointing towards enhancing third eye perception by activating our pineal gland potential. This pineal gland potential functioning seems to involve producing and releasing DMT, resulting in our ability to see energy and beyond linear time. Can you talk about this effect of the gazing techniques introduced in your book
Awakening the Third Eye and how you came across these techniques? What exactly are they doing for us?

I had an extensive apprenticeship, specifically with two very old shamans. Their primary purpose in the intervention in my life at the age of seven was to awaken my third eye through dimensionalizing my consciousness by introducing me to a dreamscape that was not composed of normal dream awareness but was linked to a multifaceted facility that is connected to the third eye potential.

And the above is only the tip of the iceberg. As many of you know, LM is simply the best selling author on my blogs. And while I've only read one of his books - he speaks with great clarity on some very interesting perception issues.

Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation
The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception: The Living Tapestry of Lujan Matus
The above are books by Lujan.
Now, imagine if you had to HUNT for the next eight hours for your next food - Great TAL mankind link:

Again, I treat my TAL readers as a notch above in intelligence - like this deep look at one of my favorites in the business media Merideth Whitney - Deconstructing Meredith Whitney’s Municpal Bond Default Predictions - food for thought that does alter my opinion somewhat -
Fortune Magazine (August 18, 2008) Meredith Whitney (Listen Up! Meredith Whitney; Credit meltdown, The Rise and Fall of Bear's Jimmy Cayne)
Barf Stews up to some steamy stuff - - BS is seemingly turning it's focus to politics again with a protest last month that barely got noticed by the MSM. Figures.
Finally, today's headlines include - a look at a MN `wet house' - just hope you don't end up in one.
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